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PCC Returns Home to Chaplin Avenue After Flooding

blank The Parent Child Center of Rutland County is back home a year after flooding from a burst pipe forced us out of our Pleasant Street facility. There was tremendous support from the Rutland community by offering alternative spaces to house our Early Childhood programs and helping renovate the devastated Chaplin site. We are so grateful for this. Donations from Vermont Community Foundation, Rutland Regional Medical Center, The Hoehl Foundation, Vermont Country Store, the Rotary, and countless individuals made the journey back possible. “This building is not just a building, it’s the seed for the intentional community we are creating to meet the needs of struggling families in Rutland. We’re kind of envisioning it as a town center,” Executive Director, Mary Zigman shared. “My main focus is not dealing out social services. It’s creating a community where people can come together….Our goal is to help stabilize families by educating and nurturing children, supporting families in their employment, and strengthening the economy by keeping Vermonters grounded and employed in this amazing community.” The PCC stands RESILIENT, optimistic, and focused on offering quality childcare in its wholly refurbished facility. We currently have expanded enrollments for infants and toddlers and are excited to welcome new families into our programs. Please call Brenda Kingsbury at 802-779-6401 for more information on enrollment.  

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