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Early Childhood Education - Chaplin Campus

Chaplin Campus

What do you envision when you think about a town square – in a town you would want to call home? We believe it should be a place where people feel at home – not like guests, customers or, worse, intruders. The town square should be a place where you feel connected to the intersectional heart of community. That is how we want people to feel when they visit our new home at the Chaplin Campus 2Gen Whole Family Education Center – like welcome community members spending time in their ideal town square.
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Early Childhood Education - Brandon VT

Early Childhood Education

Choosing an early childhood education program for your child is not just a decision about where the child is going to while away a few hours on a given day: it is a decision that directly impacts your family’s lifestyle and growth together and may have a profound impact on your child’s future.
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Children's Integrative Services - Rutland, VT

Early Intervention / CIS

Supporting the healthy development of a child from the outset of his or her life is critical. Failure to identify and address developmental delays can cause a child to lose ground that is difficult to recover, and can give rise to problems ranging from low self-esteem to trauma and behavioral struggles.
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Rutland play groups

Early Literacy Playgroups

RCPCC believes strongly in literacy – for all ages, but particularly as a shared family experience – as a powerful transformative process. RCPCC’s four weekly Literacy Playgroups (see schedule of times and locations below) are Informal gatherings of families seeking supportive experiences for their children.
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Rutland County food security

Food Security

Nutrition, health, respect, connection, community … these are some of the ideas that inform our food security programming: not just survival. Hunger is a real issue in our county and among our participants – research shows that diet is the number one factor associated with poor health.. Undernourishment causes physical and emotional stress with numerous negative side effects – exacerbated domestic tension, impacts to brain development (e.g. working memory), lowered academic performance and behavioral problems among them.
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Rutland County alternative high school

Learning Together

Our Learning Together program serves pregnant, parenting and at-risk youth from minors through age 21, working toward their high school diplomas. Learning Together is much more than just a high school: it is an educational environment nested in a community of wrap-around supports.
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Rutland transportation assistance

Material Supports

The ongoing expense of basic necessities for baby care and feminine hygiene can be crippling to struggling families. So, in addition to our food pantry, RCPCC maintains a “free” store that provides items such as diapers, wipes and tampons at no cost to those in need. At times, the store may also have clothing, toys and other items available. The free store shares location and hours with the food pantry for participant convenience.
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Rutland County parenting classes

Parenting Classes

Through RCPCC’s Parenting Education program, participants work together to broaden and deepen their parenting effectiveness. Participants can find camaraderie to complement the unavoidable uniqueness of their own journey with their children. And they can open up and learn in an atmosphere of goodwill and trust.
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