Transforming Lives

We help people transform their lives with Whole Family services delivered through a unique and dynamic community framework of integrated programming.

Our Latest News

Grand Opening!

Please join us Friday June 14th to celebrate our new 2 Gen Campus!

RCPCC Board Meeting June 2024

Please join us for our next Board Meeting Monday, June 17th, at our new 2Gen Campus. You may access the agenda here: RCPCC Board Meeting Agenda 6.17.24. This meeting will be much shorter than usual as the Co-Executive Directors must attend an Alderman’s Meeting.

Next Board Meeting: April 22

RCPCC’s next Board Meeting will be held at 61 Pleasant St (our administration building) in Rutland. Please refer to the agenda for more information. Interested in becoming a board member? Complete the application to be considered.

Our Whole Family approach aims to…

Support Vital Programs

Our future 2Gen site will offer inter-generational support services, educational programs for children and parents, community events, recovery meetings, daily free breakfast and other meals, and support for wellness and nutrition.

Build Community

Our upcoming Chaplin Campus will serve as a human town square for families and staff to meet and build community together, maximizing opportunities for relationship-building at every level.

Mitigate Impacts

The Chaplin Campus will help mitigate the impacts of poverty, adverse childhood experiences, drug addiction, mental health challenges and other issues on the larger community, creating new opportunities to help families thrive in Rutland County.

Average monthly statistics for our programs

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Our Approach

The Rutland County Parent Child Center helps people transform their lives with Whole Family services delivered through a unique and dynamic community framework of integrated programming. The life’s blood of our programs is our belief that the strongest sign of community health is the extent to which everyone feels valued. We emphasize strong interpersonal relationships with a firm foundation in trust.

Our Beliefs

We believe that, despite the benefits to children of high-quality early education programs, lack of support to parents perpetuates intergenerational poverty. RCPCC’s 2Gen Whole Family approach provides families with wrap-around services in the following areas: education; employment; case management, service navigation and coordination; family support; housing, financial and transportation support; food security; childcare; early intervention, home visitation, and trauma-informed care. With our families, we co-create social capital, education, health and economic options, serving 1500 Rutland County residents per year through our programs. Find our more about our guiding principles of Innovation, Partnering, Learning, Support, and Community.

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Job Opportunities

Over the past four years, the new PCC has renovated two daycare centers in Rutland and at our Brandon site. What makes us different from many childcare centers is the focus on educational models for toddlers whose neuro-syntax systems for learning begin at the early ages of 1-5. Our teachers thrive at PCC because they’re motivated to care for the children and can also provide lessons of behavior and additional support depending upon a child’s assessment. We are looking for educators who are team-oriented and highly independent to work with our infants and toddlers.

Catch a Rising Star

Meet Ashleah Fitzgerald – early childhood educator. Ashleah’s very special to us because she grew into her new role after getting her high school diploma through our Learning Together program. In this short video, Ashleah discusses her aspirations for a career in social work and how RCPCC’s approach helped support and accelerate her fulfillment. She also talks about how her family background and the challenges she faced growing up informed how she connects with young parents and children in our early childhood education center at Chaplin Avenue (the site of our future ONE PCC PLACE).  “I know how my mother struggled to feed us and saw how hard she always worked to provide,” says Ms. Fitzgerald. “We ate at food banks and so when I see parents come into childcare I understand where they’re coming from with stress to care for their kids.” At the Parent Child Center of Rutland County, we encourage all participants, and especially single mothers in our Learning Together school, to graduate with a high school diploma and continue their education with our help. Academics is the best way to break barriers preventing someone from finding a good job and supporting their families.

For Employers

Rutland County Parent Child Center partners with local employers to offer valuable benefits to their employees. You can make employment with your business or organization more attractive by assisting your employees in obtaining childcare and other supportive services.

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