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Take what you need! RCPCC food shelf is open and available during our operating hours: Monday—Friday  9:00 am—4:30; Closed on Tuesday. Call for after hour appointments Please feel free to take what you need, when you need it. We get new food weekly so stop by often!   BASIC NECESSITIES: The ongoing expense of basic

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, the staff of the Parent Child Center of Rutland County prepared over 190 support baskets for participants in our programs as well as members and families in the community.    We live in a culture that places a lot of emphasis on material giving during

The Parent Child Center of Rutland County provides a “Whole Family” approach to high quality early childhood education by viewing needs of working parents as central to family success. To help these families, we offer extended hours  as well as scholarships that help families who struggle with the costs of

     There are many pathways to enter the Parent Child Center’s circle of support – People arrive after having faced the trauma and frustrations of poverty, isolation, unhealthy relationships, and often a loss of hope and with that, also some hesitance in the smile, uncertainty in the voice, and worry

The Parent Child Center of Rutland County is back home a year after flooding from a burst pipe forced us out of our Pleasant Street facility. There was tremendous support from the Rutland community by offering alternative spaces to house our Early Childhood programs and helping renovate the devastated Chaplin

On Thanksgiving, the staff of the Parent Child Center of Rutland County was able to prepare Thanksgiving Meal Baskets for over 75 families who attend our programs. This opportunity was provided in part by a partnership with The Salvation Army of Rutland for the second year in a row. Special thanks to Beth Miller

In August, RCPCC was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Windham Foundation to support the new NatureWorks Program. These funds will help us get this new, innovative project – which provides young adults with a combination of nature experience, technical and academic learning - off the ground. Our gratitude to