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Early Childhood Education - Brandon VT

“Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive point of a whole, which has roots in the most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

Making the Right Choice

Rutland early childhood educationChoosing an early childhood education program for your child is not just a decision about where the child is going to while away a few hours on a given day: it is a decision that directly impacts your family’s lifestyle and growth together and may have a profound impact on your child’s future. You are deciding about an environment that is going to help shape your child’s social and emotional growth, brain development, and ability to self-organize and apply practical skills. Your decision to place your child also affects your day-to-day quality of life, peace of mind and health.

It is not a decision to be made lightly. When a parent decides on RCPCC, we honor that by taking very seriously the responsibility of providing the right environment for the child. [link to philosophy on learning]

Your options with RCPCC 

Our programs are:

  • Full-day
  • Year-round 
  • For children ages 6 weeks to Kindergarten
  • PreK-qualified with the State of Vermont 
  • Staffed by certified and bachelor level teachers

Our two facilities


Contact: Site Director, Brenda Kingsbury
14 Chaplin Ave.
Rutland, Vermont 05701
(802) 773-8397


Contact: Site Director, Toni Racine
34 Faivre Circle
Brandon, Vermont 05733
(802) 247-8251


The Parent-Child Center accepts subsidy as well as private pay tuition. We charge no co-pay for families on >90% subsidy! 

Fees are as follows:

  • Infants (ages 0 – <2): $310/wk
  • Toddlers (ages 2 – <3): $300/wk
  • PreK (ages 3+): $250/wk
  • Scholarships are available based on approval 
  • Families receiving less than 90% subsidy are responsible for the difference between subsidy and full rate as per above
  • Full-time slots receive priority
  • Part-time slots may be available if full-time slots are not filled, based on approval
  • We give families a 20% discount when more than one child is enrolled in the center


Accredited through the STARS (Step Ahead Recognition System), a quality initiative of the Vermont Child Development Division, Department of Children and Families and the Department of Education. We use the Creative Curriculum and we assess our children using Teaching Strategies Gold on-line assessment system. Certified as a specialized childcare facility.

Recognized as a 4 STARS organization by Vermont Department of Children and Families’ STARS program. Click on the STARS icon below for more details.

Program Content

ECE Classroom ScienceOur program focuses on kindergarten-readiness, literacy, and executive functioning skills. We employ Montessori-style approaches to early childhood learning and working with children, including:

  • Child-centered, individualized learning
  • Engaging, diverse environment with plenty of opportunity for movement
  • Hands-on activity
  • Integrated curriculum
  • Mixed-age groupings

Our campuses offer physical space that includes food gardens, natural and built play areas, and diverse indoor and classroom components – providing our children with a variety of learning experiences, in and out of the classroom. Our food program is a great example of synthesizing many activities, types of information, and incorporating hands-on learning – and having fun: whether it is in the kitchen, at a classroom table, in the greenhouse or in the garden!

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

When children enter the ECE community of learners, we view each as possessing a unique suite of gifts and potentials. Our job is to connect with the genius inside each child and provide a well-balanced, optimally stimulating social, physical and educational environment that supports healthy development of the whole child – one that generates wonder, joy, wisdom, vitality and curiosity. We want to help each child shine. Our teachers are there to model the joy of learning, and to put in extra time with each child.

“Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

Whole Family Engagement

We are not only helping care for and teach the child – we are engaging with a family that has become part of our community. Childcare needs to work for families, and not vice versa. That is why we are shaping our ECE programming with the following features:

  • Expanded hours – to accommodate early morning drop-offs and late afternoon/evening pick-ups.
  • Meals – we will be offering a community breakfast to start the day, and a light meal at pick-up times, to help take some of the stress and pressure out of the transition times of the day for our families. Parents are welcome to join in and enjoy!

Team members have to be able to work with parents, and not just the kids. Some parents may need reassurance, some may need understanding, some may need both in addition to some tangible help. Because our Whole Family model [link] can flexibly and quickly address family needs, we help parents to make the most of their children’s participation. 

Program Photos

ECE classroom
ECE teacher
Rutland early childhood education
Rutland early childhood education
Early Childhood Ed

For more information on our Early Childhood Education program, contact:

Main Office
Phone: 802-775-9711
Email: info@rcpcc.org