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Children's Integrative Services - Rutland, VT

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~ Maya Angelou

Supporting the healthy development of a child from the outset of his or her life is critical. Failure to identify and address developmental delays can cause a child to lose ground that is difficult to recover, and can give rise to problems ranging from low self-esteem to trauma and behavioral struggles. Our CIS team provides:

  • Early Intervention (EI) for children birth to 3 years showing measurable developmental delay, helping parents identify developmental problems and connect with supports in a timely fashion to keep young children moving in the right direction.
  • Family Support to families with children birth to 6 years in need of assistance with health, nutrition, transitions, budgeting, housing, networking with other agencies and more.
  • Assessment: Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP) for developmental domain assessment; Ages & Stages; Ages & Stages social-emotional; M-CHAT pre-screening for autism, 18-20 mos.

EI and Family Support specifically deliver:

  • Home visitation – ensuring convenience and comfort for the family, with at least one visit per month and up to several times per week alone or accompanying therapists.
  • Training and Equipping – providing specialized instruction in self-help skills-building to resolve cognitive or social delays or helping a family bring locate and acquire needed supplies and materials.
  • Advocacy – for times when parents don’t feel well-informed or confident enough to question or challenge authorities in daycares, schools and doctor’s offices, or need help with the awkwardness of changing providers.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

~ Khalil Gibran

CIS staffers ensure appropriate services for families, collaborating in-house at RCPCC with early childhood education, pregnant and parenting teens in the Learning Together program, and coordinating services with other providers, such as Kids on the Move and Rutland Mental Health. We receive referrals from area agencies and pediatric physicians, and make referrals as well. We accompany therapists and help ensure follow-up and follow-through on recommendations. Our staff helps with the transition process to preschool and provides follow-up family support for 3 months after the transition.

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals desiring program support are also welcome to self-refer.

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Rutland early intervention

Program Testimonials

RCPCC helped me into transitional housing that was small but warm for my family and not a tent. Everything I possibly needed or wanted for help, whether it was to the doctor’s, diapers, a bed to sleep in, or helping me to get people to listen that we need assistance, they were there through the whole journey, wiping the tears off my face when close to giving up ... There’s no you, there’s no me, there’s just us. My family and the help we received gives me something to believe in … It’s 2019, I think a lot about the Vermont 75 years ago when all farmers needed a big garden to survive. RCPCC to me is a garden, my garden where things are bound to grow.

– CD, a CIS program participant

For more information on our Early Intervention / CIS program, contact:

Corissa Burnell
Phone: 802-775-9711
Email: corissa.burnell@rcpcc.org


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