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Holiday Outreach 2019


During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, the staff of the Parent Child Center of Rutland County prepared over 190 support baskets for participants in our programs as well as members and families in the community. 


We live in a culture that places a lot of emphasis on material giving during the holidays. This, in turn, puts tremendous pressure on families who may not have the means to participate in this cultural economy. Additionally, sometimes judgment is placed on people for spending “too much,” and the “too much” might be a little bit leftover from bills.


The Parent Child Center of Rutland County understands that families struggle in this economy, even working families. It is very humbling to be in a position to serve our community — to make sure the children receive gifts, to ensure there is a lovely holiday meal with some extra food to tie families over, AND we want parents to know they aren’t alone in their parenting journey.


Sharing food and breaking bread together is a way of creating community and honoring the importance of sitting around the table with those we call family and friends. At the Parent Child Center we are glad to honor our families with this small token of gratitude for allowing us to be in community with them all year round as they tackle the barriers that perpetuate poverty and triumph over this systemic injustice.


The ability to provide these material supports was due in large part to our partnerships in the community: individual donors, The Salvation Army, The Vermont Foodbank, Teddy Arbo, Let’s Grow Kids, and many staff and community volunteers. We thank you all for your partnership with us.



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