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Diane Nilan—Homeless Liaison visits PCC of Rutland


Certain people are ‘change agents’. Diane Nilan is certainly one of them. Diane, co-author of “Changing the Paradigm of Homelessness” released in January, visited the PCC this summer providing a staff training and sharing how we can better aid children and families experiencing homelessness in our region. Her devotion to raising awareness of homelessness/poverty nationwide is evidenced by how she promotes her own activism – inside a humble van equipped for a yearly journey of thousands of miles so she can VLOG and interview homeless persons in every state willing to tell their story.


With Diane’s HEAR US 2020 video documentaries recorded across the U.S., she demonstrates her unique and passionate dedication to keep those affected by life circumstances, mental illness, job loss and family death, both in the news and in our hearts. These short documentaries are ‘must-sees’. They help to keep her hard fought legislation of the McKinney/Vento Act remaining in Federal law. Through her efforts each year on America’s highways, Nilan ensures that the homeless poor aren’t forgotten.


Diane Nilan will be joining us as our keynote speaker at the PCC’s spring event on Friday, June 5th, 2020 at the Paramount.


We hope you will come and be inspired by her life, works, and wisdom.


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