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The FREE DINO-DIG event at our Brandon, Vermont PCC site was a ROARING success!

This pre-Halloween kids day featured a host of fossil digs (to uncover dinosaur bones and treats), a haunted scavenger hunt in our clubhouse area, and roaming dinos as staff donned T-Rex, Velociraptor and Triceratops costumes. With music and food and bags of takeaway goodies, families and their kiddos enjoyed an afternoon of community fun. Next year’s event at the new PCC will be bigger and better with more ROAR for everyone! Thanks to everyone who made this Brandon event so special and successful. A HUGE shout out to Ms. Stephanie Carvey, the Brandon site director for all of our programs and who made the ‘dino-dig’ family day so great. She oversees our ECE, SAPLINGS/TEEN programs under NatureWorks and our toddlers. You’re the best, Stef!