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Rising Star – Meet Ashleah Fitzgerald

Meet Ashleah Fitzgerald – early childhood educator. Ashleah’s very special to us because she grew into her new role after getting her high school diploma through our Learning Together program. In this short video, Ashleah discusses her aspirations for a career in social work and how RCPCC’s approach helped support and accelerate her fulfillment. She also talks about how her family background and the challenges she faced growing up informed how she connects with young parents and children in our early childhood education center at Chaplin Avenue (the site of our future ONE PCC PLACE).  “I know how my mother struggled to feed us and saw how hard she always worked to provide,” says Ms. Fitzgerald. “We ate at food banks and so when I see parents come into childcare I understand where they’re coming from with stress to care for their kids.”

At the new Parent Child Center of Rutland County, we encourage all participants, and especially single mothers in our Learning Together school, to graduate with a high school diploma and continue their education with our help. Academics is the best way to break barriers preventing someone from finding a good job and supporting their families.