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Oct-Nov 2019 Updates

In August, RCPCC was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Windham Foundation to support the new NatureWorks Program. These funds will help us get this new, innovative project – which provides young adults with a combination of nature experience, technical and academic learning – off the ground. Our gratitude to Windham for supporting innovation!

In October, RCPCC received a crucial donation of $10,000 from the Conserve Forever Foundation, to facilitate completion of the Chaplin Campus 2Gen Whole Family Education Center. Deepest thanks to those who come through when the need is greatest!

Return to Chaplin Avenue! On November 1st, we reopened the doors to our refurbished early childhood education space on Chaplin Ave. Many people worked very hard to make this time sensitive transition possible – too many to thank in one post. Come take a look and see this wonderful new space and the kids and staff thriving in it!

Love Us, Do! On November 15th, Studio Two – the brilliant early Beatles tribute band – packed
the house at the Rutland Elks with a benefit concert on our behalf. Over 200 local supporters
and Beatles fans came out in tough weather to celebrate Rutland families and dance to some of
the best music ever. Deepest thanks to the lads of Studio Two and of course, all our Rutland
friends and families!

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