It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to create a successful parenting or early childhood education program. Mostly because rocket science wouldn’t be any use – unless you’re figuring out a way to keep up with a toddler. Understanding and being able to connect with people is arguably the more important skill: that involves being an astute learner. We think being a good educator means being a good learner.

“Extremists have shown what frightens them most: a girl with a book.” ~ Malala Yousafzai

Rutland alternative learningEven a grey-haired PhD in rocket science still has some things to learn, some growing to do, some becoming to look forward to. At RCPCC we believe everyone has something to learn — and that everyone can learn – and that everyone also has things to teach. We embrace the humble steps of acknowledging that professionals don’t have all the answers and that our participants often do: it is a matter of working together to produce them. Teachability is a necessary characteristic for us all.

Cultivating teachability involves removing barriers to education. What keeps a person from learning? Distraction; stress; unmet basic needs (food, nutrition, sleep, hygiene, housing security); low sense of self-worth; developmentally inappropriate programming; resistance; devaluing; fear (e.g. of “success brings expectations,” of failure, of embarrassment); impatience; ineffective learning environment. Our 2Gen Whole Family approach means we work systematically to transform personal environments in ways that remove barriers like these and open up possibilities and opportunities, by doing the following:

Enhancing engagement and performance of all family members by addressing basic needs with concrete supports
Creating positive family learning environments by providing training in parenting skills and promoting family literacy
Providing executive function skill-building training to all family members
Building an optimal family learning environment
Generating understanding of child development among staff and parents and providing practical tools to ensure it
Creating alternative pathways to educational advancement for teens and parents, and creating career pathways for teens and parents with local educators and employers
Providing wrap-around supports to learners of all ages
Modeling a culture of learning through our staff development program