Employer Partnerships

We hope to build strong, lasting partnerships with employers throughout Rutland County. Employers will benefit from investing in the Parent-Child Center of Rutland County because we help employees be at their best.

The Parent-Child Center of Rutland County helps to remove barriers that prevent employees from thriving in the workplace and improve worker productivity, engagement, and retention by reducing life and family stressors.

Business owners and managers hope to get the very best from their employees. At the same time, many life pressures distract employees from meeting that goal. Our integrated whole-family programming provides a Transformative Community that helps employees and their families turn adversity into strength — so your employees will bring renewed energy and purpose, and enhanced skill value, to bear in the workplace.

Our process improves the performance of…

  • The employee whose constant concern is safe and reliable childcare
  • The employee who faces financial shortfalls and worries about feeding their family.
  • The employee whose child is struggling in school
  • The employee who is in recovery and needs supportive social services.
  • The employee who wants to learn about parenting in a non-judgmental arena
  • The employee who needs a cohort of other employees to strengthen the workplace

Your employees will experience:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety in the home
  • Increased workplace value
  • Enhanced alertness, focus, energy, and job performance
  • Greater life satisfaction
  • Reduced absenteeism and sick days

For more information or to arrange a visit please contact Mary Feldman at 802-556-2854 or info@rcpcc.org.