Material Supports

Rutland transportation assistance

“Free” Store

The ongoing expense of basic necessities for baby care and feminine hygiene can be crippling to struggling families. So, in addition to our food pantry, RCPCC maintains a “free” store that provides items such as diapers, wipes and tampons at no cost to those in need. At times, the store may also have clothing, toys and other items available. The free store shares location and hours with the food pantry for participant convenience.


Keeping clothes clean is also critical for our families, but can be costly and challenging for those without ready access to laundry facilities. So we maintain washers and dryers available to participants. This helps parents to ensure they are presentable for work and children presentable for school.


We do our best to ensure that our participants get where they need to go on time. While we expect participants to be as responsible as possible for their transport, for those without their own transport or who are stretched too thin financially, logistics of securing rides or making bus schedules work for jobs and school pickups can be daunting. So we maintain a van for pick-ups and drop-offs from Learning Together and in some cases for Early Childhood Education. Our case managers also use their own vehicles to support program participants with a lift when someone is in need. At times we may provide gas cards for participants This is especially important when participants are starting to get back on their feet and need to develop some traction with solid attendance at meetings, appointments and pick-ups.

Gift Cards and Holidays

RCPCC ensures that none of our participants spends Thanksgiving or Christmas without a decent meal or basic gifts for children. At times we partner with other organizations like the local mission or the Salvation Army to arrange gifts. We also may provide gift cards to participants, both at holidays and as incentives for engagement with particular programs.

Program Photos

Stillwater Farms - Grass finished beef
Stillwater Farms - Grass finished beef
Holiday food boxes

For more information on our Material Supports program, contact:

Beth Miller
Phone: 802-775-9711
Email: beth.miller@rcpcc.org


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