One PCC Place

Removing barriers that prevent families from receiving quality social services

Beginning in Spring/Summer 2022, our unique whole family approach to diverse care in Rutland County will be under ONE roof!

After winning the Federal loan to begin the 2Gen Center (One PCC Place) with all necessary funding in place, our Executive Director, Ms. Mary Feldman, was awarded the essential bridge loan for the project to go out to bid. STAY TUNED for all vital updates about our upcoming 2Gen Campus on Chaplin Avenue in Rutland.

After decades on Pleasant and Madison Streets, the new Parent Child Center of Rutland County will serve its participants at Chaplin Avenue in Rutland. Located across from the Vermont State Fair grounds on Route 7, the new ONE PCC PLACE will be better able to deliver diverse care and help remove barriers for success. This renovated location will allow us to offer services in a safer and more private area of Rutland. As our executive director Ms. Mary Feldman has said, ‘we worked very hard with our architects planning One PCC Place to be as safety conscious for parents and their children as possible. The difference between the Pleasant and Madison address and Chaplin Avenue is easier & safer access off a street too often riddled with fast moving traffic.’

The new PCC – Partnering with individuals and families to encourage success and connection in the community through education and social resources.

Read more about our two-generation (2Gen) approach from The Aspen Institute

What will One PCC Place offer me as a single mother/father/family?

Rather than multiple offices for different services, our one newly completed building will have ALL parent child programs available to you. You will also be able to access our community gardens, ECE (early childhood education), any new information pertaining to family care (insurance, discounts, added benefits, holiday events scheduling, etc) and regular meals as provided by our award-winning Food Pantry that started on Pleasant Street pre-Pandemic. The new location will also feature cooking classes, parenting enrichment programs, and any other community groups, such as our current LEGO Group that meets once a week. The core belief of the new PCC in Rutland County is ‘Everyone is welcome, and the food and soup will always be hot!’

How will I find my case worker and what about confidentiality?

The case manager offices will be openly accessible to our participants and confidentiality will in no way be affected by having our agency in one space. Privacy & confidentiality are protected; your rights as a participant shall always be foremost in our minds as we offer the services you need. If you’re a single mom and need CIS (children’s integrated services), that area will be easily available to you for private sessions with your case worker. If you’re a teen or young adult needing a high school diploma, our Learning Together school and NatureWorks program are right there. From our award-winning food pantry and daycare, to the Learning Together high school, one-on-one counseling to consistent social gatherings that invite community residents to our new space, ONE PCC PLACE offers Rutland County families seamless and diverse services.

Will anything change with my benefits?

No. Your monthly income will not be affected in any way.

If I don’t have a car, how will I get to ONE PCC PLACE?

The new PCC will help you get to our building by offering certain participants free or discounted bus passes along Route 7. We’ll also help you find area ride shares on a needs basis. You may also be eligible for a stipend each month expressly to be used for transportation.

Is the new ONE PCC PLACE safe for my kids?

As a busy parent who may need to bring a child to your PCC appointments, the answer is YES! Like it has been at our Madison and Pleasant Street location, ONE PCC PLACE will be safe and private for you and your children at all times.

Remember, the new PCC of Rutland County, Vermont is here to be your one-stop shop for the social services you’ve relied on from us as a participant. Our partnership with YOU is what makes us the best we can be as a full service parent/child agency. You and your family will ALWAYS come first. No matter what.