Strengthening Families

RCPCC The Strengthening Families Demonstration Project brings together the Family Service Division and Parent Child Centers in a special model. The project’s primary objective is to engage and strengthen families to reduce the number of children going into state custody – children who live in families that have been determined to be high or very high risk to abuse or neglect those children.

The project uses the Center of Study of Social Policy’s Strengthening Families Protective Factors as framework for engaging, planning and providing a range of supports and case management services to improve safety, well being and stability. The project is strength-based, building upon the Parent’s strengths to to help them set and achieve their parenting goals.

Who is being served…

Families entering the project will have an open case with Family Services, and have at least one child under the age of three.

For more information on this program call:
Kristin McGee, Family Support Director
Rutland County Parent Child Center
802 775-9711

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