RCPCCOur Poise Program stands for Parenting on Our Own in a Safe Environment. This program fills the need for safe, affordable housing for pregnant/parenting youth, while providing opportunities to gain the skills necessary to be successful on their own, and supporting their educational/vocational goals.

POISE is a two phase program divided into POISE I and POISE II.

POISE I is a housing program for pregnant/parenting youth 16 to their 22 birthday. Parents are housed in a 9 unit facility for an 18 month transitional period. This program is structured and has intensive case management and support. During their time living at POISE I, parents are held accountable for their choices and actions in a supportive environment, learning pride in their space and respect for other’s property. A Budget Meeting is held every week and the parents go food shopping every Friday. POISE I also has a Residential Advisory Board that meets to discuss policy changes, community service, and community building activities.

POISE II consists of 4 apartments for parents transitioning from POISE I. In this phase parents live more independently but still have monthly case management and support available when needed, laying the foundation for independent living. This program focuses on empowering youth and developing the skills necessary for successful daily living.

For more information on the POISE Programs contact:
Andrew Juettner
Rutland Parent Child Center
802 747-7029

“I had the most positive experience working with RCPCC.
I was able to get a job and daycare.
And, the RCPCC was there to help when I needed it.”

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